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Polony and a side of corona

Visited, Jikogu which means hell, this weekend

Today is an exceptionally chilly day for the start of spring. I can’t help but laugh at the irony of the weather being this gloomy on the day that schools across the nation have been launched into chaos. Yip, you’re thinking is right: We’ve taken another detour this week. The virus has eclipsed most of my life right now so I thought I might as well write a thing about it. Can’t concentrate on anything else, anyway.

As a South African, I am no stranger to close brushes with death. When polony tried to kill us as a nation in 2018 with its listeriosis, it was an interesting time. Everyone was advised to throw out any polony they had in their homes. Children who had become accustomed to having a polony and butter sandwich for lunch where left stranded. Uncles who enjoyed eating the kid’s lunch supplies were left with nothing to snack on. The shelves in shops where the polony once lived emptied. The brands who hadn’t been contaminated lingered on but consumers were not having it. No one was trying to die from polony.

At the time, I also had polony in my fridge but unlike the millions who bagged up their hard-earned money and threw it out, I decided to take my chances. If you were going to eat the polony there were ways to stay safe. Cooking it rendered the virus null so that’s what I did despite the giggled warnings from my sister.

When that passed, as funny a time as it was with all the memes and joy that it generated for those not affected (death toll was 216 out of 1060, I’m not sure why the twitter fam found any of this funny now that I read these numbers), I was glad that it was over and hoped to never go through something like that again. It’s 2020 now and here we are again, at the mercy of another stealthy killer.

Seriously though, go away you ugly diseases

Much like the time South African government stepped in to stop us buying that polony, Japans government has decided to step in to avoid the spread of Corona. Schools have been asked to close from Monday. My schools are closing from Tuesday. I still have to go into work though even though the students wont be around, and for some reason, this reminds me of that polony I decided to keep in my fridge when the government asked us to throw it out.

I have lost count of the stats surrounding the current Corona outbreak but I can tell things are bad because the memes are rolling out on the half hour now. Isn’t it interesting that we’ve become a people whose panic can be measured by how much we laugh about a thing? Anyway, I didn’t write this post to add to the fear and fodder that the media is doing a good job of spreading on its own. I actually wrote this to tell everyone to chin up. Just think of the time you’ll look back on this time in history and proudly say you survived the modern equivalent of the plague.


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4 thoughts on “Polony and a side of corona

  1. Looking back, I remember sitting in my car googling the symptoms of listeriosis and following the outbreak.
    Thanks for the reminder and great advice!
    Hopefully we can kick this one too.

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  2. Lol goodness I enjoyed this. So happened that I got the fever and battling to ward it off. My friend was saying I must go on self quarantine! I’m like whaaat? 😂🤣


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