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Trying to catch up with now


Hey gang. Sometimes writing the opener to this blog feels like this one video meme that’s popular on Instagram right now, where the lady walks in awkwardly to a room of people and the music screeches uncomfortably in the background as she greets the room. The screeching music emphasises how awkward the encounter is. So that feeling, yeah, that’s me every time I come back. Hi. Hello. How you doin?

Anyway, as the title implies. It’s been a busy time recently. With Covid putting all JET programme arrivals on hold, it’s meant an increase in workload and a drastic reduction in time to do cool things like maintain a blog, enjoy Japan or even enjoy my sanity.

[insert quirky gif about being busy]

If you think the brackets above are an editing error, let me stop you right there because did you not just read the part about how I’m too busy to live, how am I meant to find the time to source gifs on top of all this. Anyway, I didn’t actually wake up this morning with the intention to complain about how busy I am, even though that’s what this is turning into. I came to announce that I will go on another official hiatus.

[insert funny gif about taking a break from my break]

This year I’ll be writing a full fictional novel. The past two Nanowrimos have mostly been dedicated to working through my struggles with grief. I won’t lie, when the year started off as it did with sickness and death striking my family again, I was sure that this year’s topic would be a bleak one. For some reason, I seem to have come out okay from the year that is 2020 despite all its attempts to steal my peace. So this year, I will be dedicating the 30 days in November to penning my own relatively short story. Before you ask, no it is not about travel or Japan, but I guess some themes that are dealt with in the story are things that I’ve dealt with in my time here.

Anyway, that’s all I will say about that. Till after November then. Exit, pursued by a bear!


I'm a writer with some stuff on my mind.

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